• Consultation on material values

    Consultation on material values

    Invest in material values and real estate without risks -
    with asset management service throughout your life.

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  • German Retirement Income Act

    German Retirement Income Act

    Which income is taxable and when?
    We will answer your questions.

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  • Investment counseling

    Investment counselling

    We will find an investment option which is
    perfect for your individual requirements.

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Professional asset management service and private pension

A.S. Management is your professional partner for all financial issues. As an experienced asset manager, we will manage you and your finances throughout your life. In doing so, we aim to offer our clients of the middle income bracket the same extensive service which is offered to people of the upper income bracket.

Thanks to our extensive expertise in the economic sector, we are able to provide individual financial solutions and develop private pension plans which are customised to your financial circumstances and requirements. While doing so, we are always trying to achieve the greatest tax benefit and returns for you. In order to offer you an even better consulting service, we also file your tax returns for 3 years up to a value of € 300 per year (in partnership with a tax advisers’ office).

Protected against risks and losses

If you purchase real estate, we will protect you against all risks involved with the purchase. For example, we will pay the organisation costs of a GbR (civil law partnership) in order to protect your real estate. Moreover, we insure real estate against loss of rent and rental nomads.

We care about the trusting and personal relationship with our clients, even beyond the financial consulting. We provide advice on the German tax law and the Retirement Income Act (Alterseinkünftegesetz). Additionally, our lifelong all-round service also includes living wills and health care proxies, which we will prepare together with a notary public. As our client, you do not have to worry about a thing. We will even pay the costs for the preparation of the documents.

About us

A. S. Management provides advice to clients from the middle income bracket regarding the topics of assets and private pensions and has an annual turnover of € 5.6 million. Our main goal is to protect the assets of our clients.

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Financial consultant

AS Management is an independent financial services company that provides comprehensive advice to clients throughout Germany. We will find the ideal services for your personal circumstances.

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We advise you regarding your retirement and create pension plans that are tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements. This way, you will be able to maintain your living standard even in old age.

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Satisfied clients prove us right

Happy clients are our most important goal. This is why we are proud of the fact that 40 per cent of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients. You can also benefit from our experience and know-how in the economy sector. Just make an appointment for your first financial consultation with us.

  • The non-binding initial consultation has convinced me that the team of A.S. management. really wants to help me to find the ideal investment plan for my money. I am delighted with the honest and professional investment counselling.

    G. Hegemann Doctor from Berlin
  • I am delighted with the know-how and the honesty of the entire A.S. management. team. You really helped me with my legacy assets. Thank you very much!

    D. Dörnbrack from Kassel
  • A.S. management. put a lot of effort and expertise in the preparation of an individual private pension plan for me and my family. The team invested a lot of time in the non-binding initial consultation. Keep it up!

    F. Gerstenberger Official from Leipzig
  • The A.S. management. team members are always friendly and gave me the feeling of being in safe and capable hands. They answered all my questions on the living will in detail. I am very satisfied with the consulting service and I would recommend A.S. management. at any time.

    E. Müller Authorized officer from Hamburg
  • I was very happy with the extensive support A.S. management. provided during the real estate purchase. Without them, I would have missed a lot of pitfalls. Thank you very much for your financial advice!

    M. Ostermann Entrepreneur from Dresden
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